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il_magnifico's Journal

Il Magnifico
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I'm a floaty romantic with a cynical side, currently living amongst the beautiful wynds of Edinburgh.

What i want in my life...

  • Challenges and overcomings
  • Travels and wanderings
  • Creative people around me
  • Insights into the reality of the universe or my perception of it
  • Discovering new aesthestics - new ways of seeing beauty in the world
  • To be respected for my work, my person and my thoughts
  • Uncontrollable laughter when I feel I could die
  • Heated debates and revelatory discussions
  • Being pleasantly surprised by people
  • Magical happenings - midnight picnics, camping in the woods, masquerade balls, sleeping on the beach, dressing up in finest frippery, extravagent feasts in haunted houses
  • Knowledge that makes me yearn for more knowledge
  • Chance encounters, passionate embraces, teenage style crushes, cheeky flirtations, long luxurious kisses
  • Feeling wanted

"...the true philosopher lives unphilosophically, and unwisely and above all imprudently and feels the burdensome duty of a hundred tests and temptations in life - he is continually risking himself, he plays that wicked game." - Nietzsche

"I certainly do not hope to alter the world. Perhaps I can put it best by saying I hope to alter my own vision of the world. I want to be more and more myself, as ridiculous as that may sound."
-Henry Miller
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